Free 10 Day Sample

Below is a sample of the theme "Home is Where the Heart Is" .  This sample can be used at any time of year. Please be sure to review the User's Guide under the tab "Our Product" on our home page.  This document contains detailed information about the program components, philosophy behind the curriculum and  how Gee Whiz addresses all ages.  This document is free for all to download and read.  We look at it as our "training manual."  Also take time to view the "Introduction to Gee Whiz" recorded webinar under the Video Gallery  on our home page.  Many new and prospective customers find it very helpful.  Enjoy using the sample and we look forward to you becoming a Gee Whiz customer!


Each Teacher Guide contains 10 days of activities.  Details of symbols, charts and other important important information can be found in the User's Guide.


The first theme of each month has an original story along with a Story prop.


The Individualization Web is provided for you to keep notes on each child as you are making your daily, weekly plans.  Refer to the User's Guide for detail directions.


There is a Monthly Review for you as a provider to keep general notes for future planning.  You can also show your Program Specialist this as evidence of your use of curriculum.monthly-review-sheet-home-sept-2016

The Family Letter can be printed and sent home or you can email it to your parent/caregiver.  Each theme has a Family Letter to keep them informed.


Gee Whiz provides a tool for you to share information with each parent/caregiver the interest and activities of their child.


You are also provided with two digital notes you can text to the parents/caregiver with activities they can do at home.


Each theme has two Make It Sheets that provide a variety of options.  Directions will be in the Teacher Guide.



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