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Curriculum for Family Child Care Providers!

Welcome to Gee Whiz! Check out our digital family child care curriculum. From standards and research to program components, our site has a great deal of information available to help you become familiar with our product. Please take time to look around and see why our approach is so different! To access Community Member and Premium Subscriber content you must complete the Membership Login process.

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You choose the level that is right for you! Best of all, unlike other programs out there, ours is NOT date or month sensitive... you can start at any time. Our pricing is different too... not per child but per program... just $12.95 for 30 days of access.

Community Members

have access to our FREE sample lesson, User’s Guide as well as FREE seasonal/holiday ideas. A great option for child care homes interested in networking with family child care providers.

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have access to all Community content PLUS 30 days of unlimited access to our family child care curriculum. New lesson plans are released at the beginning of each month!
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It’s like a dream come true for family child care providers!

Finally, an affordable, quality home child care curriculum that supports the ever-changing developmental needs of children and daily responsibilities of family child care providers! It’s a “must have” for all family child care providers!

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